FIXFAST USA is now Kattsafe

We’ve been delivering high-quality products and innovation for over 40 years and we’ve partnered closely with Sayfa in Australia for over 10 years. It was a natural evolution for us to join forces as a single global brand for height access and fall protection systems.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.


Guardrails provide the highest level of safety when navigating a roof or working near a fall edge, allowing a safe protected path of access.

Kattsafe guardrail systems are the preferred method of safe access across roofs and areas close to a fall edge. The system requires no specialist PPE, personnel, or training to safely prevent a fall with a walkway to designate a safe path of access across the roof surface.

Rooftop guardrail system installed for fall protection