FIXFAST USA is now Kattsafe

We’ve been delivering high-quality products and innovation for over 40 years and we’ve partnered closely with Sayfa in Australia for over 10 years. It was a natural evolution for us to join forces as a single global brand for height access and fall protection systems.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

Fixed Ladders

We designed our Kattsafe Fixed Ladders to serve as designated safe access points to elevated areas for personnel. These systems feature modular components that empower maximum compliance assurance and on-site flexibility. Multiple configurations are available to ensure the perfect purpose-built solution for any project. Work with Kattsafe to receive high-quality products that protect your workers.

Benefits of Kattsafe Fixed Ladders

Kattsafe specializes in creating systems that promote increased worker safety, and our Fixed Ladders are no exception. Some advantages of installing these systems on your work site include:

  • Maximum safety: Our fixed ladder systems are built with user safety at the forefront. They conform to standards set by OSHA and ANSI, providing fully compliant solutions for your project and peace of mind for workers operating at height.

  • Multiple configurations: These products are available in various configurations, such as angled, caged and fall arrest device setups, offering continuous user safety in different environments.

  • Greater flexibility: Kattsafe Fixed Ladders offer easy customization to meet your specific needs. In addition, the systems' modular components allow easy installation and adaptation to different site conditions for maximum on-site flexibility.

  • Easy installation: You can enjoy easy installation of our fixed ladder systems in various settings.

  • Exceptional reliability: Constructed from durable aluminum, Fixed Ladders are lightweight yet robust, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Why Choose Kattsafe for Fixed Ladders?

At Kattsafe, we consider our customers part of our family. We focus on understanding our clients' needs and providing personalized recommendations to meet them. When you work with our skilled team, you can take advantage of our:

  • Expert knowledge: Our team regularly shares helpful information about regulatory updates and best practices to ensure you stay informed and prepared.

  • Ongoing support: You can benefit from our Kattcare service, which includes on-site supervision and installation training, and our proactive High Five™ program, which helps you identify potential problems and enables your site to meet OSHA requirements. 

  • Timely delivery: We strive to ship orders within 24 to 48 hours for prompt delivery to your project site. Our flatpack packaging also saves you money by keeping freight charges as low as possible.

  • Innovative design: Our commitment to innovation ensures that our fixed ladder systems remain at the forefront of safety technology, offering reliable worker protection.

  • Proud American construction: We prioritize domestic sourcing to support American businesses, and our products meet the standards of the Made in America Act.

Contact Our Team for a Quote Today

Invest in the safety and reliability of your project with Kattsafe fixed ladders. We are dedicated to promoting greater OSHA compliance, versatility, commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, so you can trust that our aluminum fixed ladders are some of the most trusted access and fall protection solutions in the market. Feel free to request a quote or contact us today to learn more.