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How to Prevent Unauthorized Roof Access

Derek Tokarz Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

Categories: Work Safety

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about safety at your construction site, warehouse or other company buildings? More than likely, you’re thinking of minimizing the risks of employees getting critically or fatally injured. Rightly so. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,764 deaths were attributed to workplace injuries in 2020.

That’s why it’s critical to prioritize workplace safety — including restricting access to areas considered to be high risk for injuries, like the roof.

As a ladder manufacturer, we have a duty to meet codes and offer security doors or gates for new construction or retrofits. As a contractor or architect, you must ensure clients are aware of the dangers of unauthorized access. Here are our top five safety recommendations to stop people from accessing a building roof.

1. Designated Restricted Areas

Highly visible signage is a key deterrent to unauthorized employees or visitors entering restricted areas. It’s a simple fix that cannot be ignored. Investing in signage that stands out and brightly colored restricted area cones can minimize risks for those who unwittingly enter dangerous areas.

2. Ladder Cage Gate

Federal law requires fixed ladders longer than 24 feet to include a form of fall protection. One of these forms is a ladder cage which is designed to prevent falls. It must extend 42 inches above the top of the landing and be used along with other fall protection systems such as personal fall arrest systems.

Employees should also be able to easily access the ladder without hitting their heads. That’s why OSHA regulations require that the cage be installed between 7 and 8 feet from the ground. A well-designed ladder cage gate should allow you to secure entry to those not authorized in high-risk areas.

Our LD425 Ladder Cage Gate prevents unauthorized people from climbing up through the caged part of the ladder. Only authorized users with the key can unlock the gate. Once opened, the cage entry is clear for the user to carry on climbing.

3. Lockable Security Door

A lockable security door also prevents unauthorized access to your fixed ladder. Rather than affixing to the ladder cage itself, a lockable security door attaches to the ladder’s body. When installed properly, the door closes securely across the body of the ladder. This restricts access to the rungs, ensuring the ladder is inaccessible.

The LD426 Lockable Security Door can be used on ladders with and without cages. The LD426 is an aluminum door that can pair with standard fixed ladders. On caged ladders, the door can attach to the cage. For ladders without cages, the LD426 can be fixed directly to the existing ladder frame. The aluminum checker plate door is secured to the ladder body by a padlock through lugs that are fixed to the ladder body. The door also has carry handles for easy mounting and de-mounting.

4. Safety Training

Maintaining routine safety regulation training is another OSHA requirement. Regularly provide updates about new regulations, changes within your facility and safety statistics to current employees and make sure safety training is included for new employees.

5. Digital Security

Increasingly popular in guarding data center equipment, electronic locking systems and video surveillance also are options for securing access to warehouses, construction areas and other high-risk areas of your operations. Assess your facility to determine if these are an option worth considering — especially video surveillance.

Roof Safety Solutions With FIXFAST USA

Unauthorized access to high-risk and restricted areas can lead to injuries and, in some cases, fatalities among employees and visitors. Stopping people from accessing a building roof is essential. Contact us today for a consultation on how FIXFAST USA’s ladder gates and security doors can assist in keeping your operations safe!