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Strategies to Prevent Roofing Damage

Derek Tokarz Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

Categories: Work Safety

Roofs are a critical and expensive component of your business or home. Even with the well-known cost of roof repairs or installation, they are often a building component that is neglected when it comes to maintenance. Foregoing preventive maintenance on your roof can lead to expensive repairs or replacement that could have been easily avoided with the right processes and inspection schedule. Common strategies to prevent roof damage are similar for both residential and business buildings:

Perform Regular Inspections

The old adage of “a stitch in time saves nine” holds true for roofs as well. Early detection of issues can often help you avoid or prevent costly repairs with a few simple fixes early on. Effective roof access is key to this strategy, making maintenance checks convenient and safe. Consider adding additional fall protection to your building to help prevent avoidable accidents due to falls. Develop a routine schedule and fully integrate it into your business processes to make sure corners aren’t cut for the sake of convenience. Letting consistent maintenance needs slide only sets yourself and your business up for failure and extra expenses in the future.

Repair or Replace Issues

Whether due to the effects of weather or human error, issues found during routine inspections should be repaired as soon as possible. Damaged seals and loose shingles can contribute to water damage that may require substantial work to replace. Ponding and warping on business buildings can have similar effects. Other items to watch out for include: worn flashing, damaged ridges and valleys, broken or missing tiles, and signs of mold. It is also always a good idea to check attics or similar areas for moisture and other signs of roof damage that may need further repair. Trouble areas will vary from roof to roof, so consider enlisting the help of an inspector if you’ve not had an inspection in some time.

Take Advantage of Warranties

For large business accounts, you need to consider a national roofing network with all the major certifications. Their reach and size give them access to long-term warranties and strong financing opportunities for large businesses. Even for smaller businesses, the initial cash outlay of a roofing warranty can help protect your investment against unforeseen damage and maintenance. You can often contract with roofing companies that offer both warranties and maintenance services, helping you cut down on outside vendors to track and providing your service and the promise of continued excellence.

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